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We blend cutting-edge technology with the art of automotive sales.
Our innovative system is designed to revolutionize the way dealerships operate, offering a seamless, efficient, and secure experience for both dealers and consumers.
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What is The Dealer’s Concierge?

TDC is not just a system; it’s a comprehensive solution tailored for the modern automotive dealership.

The TDC approach is a unique methodology invented by an industry veteran and compliance expert. It establishes a unified sales process within the dealership: Once set and done solution, powered by technology.

By integrating crucial sales processes, documentation, and customer management into one user-friendly platform, we empower dealers to elevate their business to new heights of efficiency and compliance.

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TDC Key Features Unveiled

A Closer Look at What Makes TDC Exceptional

Innovative system designed to enhance the automotive dealership experience from two critical perspectives: the Consumer and the Dealer. This dual-sided approach ensures a cohesive and efficient experience for both parties, revolutionizing the traditional car buying and selling process.

Consumer Side

For consumers, TDC offers a seamless, user-friendly interface through its Kiosk and Web-Portal, enabling easy data entry, compliance checks, and document management.

Dealership Side

On the dealer’s side, the system transforms dealership operations with its comprehensive Dashboard, offering real-time sales tracking, enhanced management, and streamlined compliance.

Consumer Interaction - Kiosk or Web

Kiosk Interaction

The TDC Kiosk serves as an intuitive, user-friendly interface, where the customers can securely enter their details, submit required forms, and manage their purchasing process with ease. The kiosk provides a guided experience, ensuring all necessary steps are completed efficiently while maintaining the personal touch of the dealership environment.

Kiosk App: How it works

Step 1 – Welcome Experience:
Customers are greeted by the intuitive TDC Kiosk at the dealership.

Step 2 – Data Entry & Forms Submissions:
Input personal details, capture ID, and submit forms using the kiosk’s easy-to-navigate interface.

Step 3 – Automated Compliance:
The system runs compliance checks seamlessly to consumer and dealer staff.

Step 4 – Seamless Syncronization:
Data is pushed to the dealer’s dashboard instantly.

Consumer Web-Portal

Perfect solution for consumers who want to access TDC features from the comfort of their home or office.

Web Portal: How it works

Digital Glove Compartment:
The consumer goes through a series of guided steps. All data is immediately available on the Dealer`s Dashboard, giving you tools to pre-qualify or approve the customer before they walk into the door.

Start the Process from Home:
The consumer goes through a series of guided steps. All data is immediately available on the Dealer`s Dashboard, giving you tools to pre-qualify or approve the customer before they walk into the door.

Upload/Capture Documents:
A secure channel to share documents with the dealer staff.

Elevate your customer’s buying journey with TDC. Contact us to enhance consumer experience and ease of use.

Dealer’s Interaction - Dashboard Features

The Dealer’s Dashboard is your control center. Access customer files, manage transactions, view/print/push data from the digital deal jacket, and stay updated with real-time notifications and messages. It’s everything you need to manage your sales process at your fingertips.

Enhanced Sales Management

Digital Deal Jacket

Manage forms and push data into appropriate channels with a click of a button.

Real-Time Sales Tracking

Monitor each step of the sales process, from initial customer interaction to finalizing deals.

Customizable Workflow

Adapt the dashboard to align with your dealership’s unique sales process and preferences.

Streamlined Compliance

Launching the documents for e-signatures

Dealer-specific chains of documents are triggered from the dashboard to be executed. Your staff will never have missing forms again.

Identity Theft Prevention

The latest technology is built into the TDC system. The variety of fraud-deterring methods and identity verification processes will protect your dealership from fraudulent purchases.

Dead Deal Management

Securely store records on transactions that didn`t close, all in one place.

NPI Protection

Channel to request/share sensitive documents with your customers: bank statements, Pay Stabs, and other stips.

Interactive Communication Tools

Instant Messaging

Communicate directly with customers through the dashboard, providing timely responses and updates.

Notification System

Receive alerts for important customer actions or milestones within the sales cycle.

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Revolutionize Automotive Experience

The Dealer’s Concierge Benefits Galore

Why TDC is the Smart Choice for Your Dealership

Benefits for Dealers

Benefits for Consumers

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Testimonials from TDC-powered Automotive Dealership Champions

Hear from Those Who Made the Switch

Read the stories of dealers and customers who have experienced the transformative power of TDC. Learn how our system has elevated their dealership experience and customer satisfaction.

Frank Greco, General Manager Westchester Toyota

“Since implementing TDC, our dealership has seen a remarkable transformation. The efficiency of the sales process has improved drastically, reducing the time customers spend in the showroom. This has not only boosted our sales figures but also significantly enhanced customer satisfaction. The Dealer’s Dashboard is a game-changer – it’s like having a personal assistant for every aspect of our operations.”

Henry Castillo, Sales Manager Westchester Toyota

“TDC has revolutionized the way we do business. The integration of the Consumer Web-Portal allows our customers to start the buying process from home, making our interactions more effective. We’ve seen a noticeable increase in pre-qualified leads, and our sales team can now focus on what they do best – selling cars. The digital glove compartment feature has been a hit with our customers, adding a new level of convenience and security.”

James Angotti, Owner/ Dealer Principal Granite Subaru, Colonial Auto Group

“Adopting TDC across our dealerships has been one of our best decisions. The system’s ability to streamline compliance and manage sensitive documents efficiently has reduced our operational risks significantly. The instant messaging and notification system on the Dealer’s Dashboard keeps our team connected and responsive. We’ve seen a substantial improvement in our overall customer experience, leading to higher retention rates and increased referrals.”

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